insolvency professional

Insolvency refers to the inability of a person or corporate to pay up
his debt /bills as and when they become due. He may be able to pay at a
later date some amount or even in full, but at the promised date of
payment, he is unable to make the payment. Insolvency leads to the state of
default. Bereft of outright fraud, the default can happen due to failure or business failure.

Bankruptcy is the process whereby a person legally declares himself or his business unable to pay outstanding debts. Depending upon the type filed, one meets with a judge to determine a payment schedule or have a legal bankruptcy discharge most if not all debts. Businesses also may declare bankruptcy, which either means the business will close, or that the business will continue to operate with reduced payments to debtors.

In the time of difficulty, Resurgent Insolvency Proffesionals can help you
to identify and select the right path to overcome the time of stress as we
have worked and represented both side of the coin and hence understand the
pain and emotions of the Entrepreneur at the same time understand the
concern of the investors/ stakeholders. Resurgent Insolvency Proffesionals have worked across all
industry/sector within India and globally and Resurgent Insolvency Proffesionals understand the Business,
Operation, People, Process, System, Control & the associated pain areas. We
can play trusted role of running the Business, handling Insolvency
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